Spanish Club starts year with new project


scott photo

Spanish teacher Cindy Eppes stretches with her students during class to break up the class period. Eppes and many of her students are starting the Spanish Club back up this year.

    Besides rolling their R’s nicely, the Spanish Club is more than just a club for discussing different problems in a foreign language. The Spanish Club, and their club advisor, Cindy Eppes, are about more than learning the mere language, and are actually using the language to help the students grow educationally. Apparently, the Spanish Club isn’t just about tacos and ‘Cinco de Mayo’.

    “The Spanish Club is people who are, or have been in the Spanish classes and like Spanish,” said Eppes. “We learn more about the cultures of spanish speaking countries and use the knowledge to generally help out the community.

    The Spanish Club is just starting to meet again, reactivating with the return of Eppes, who took a year off but returned after principal Tracy Gleghorn convinced her to come back to help with the growing sizes of the Spanish classes.

    “We have just begun meeting,” said Eppes. “Meetings will usually be on Tuesdays during activity period, in my room, 211.”

    Right off the bat, the club is planning a project that, for now, is a big secret. Eppes promises that it is one that all members will be able to participate in.

    “The members are very enthusiastic this year,” said Eppes “and our project can, and will, help everybody use all their talents, whether it be craftsmanship or art.”

    Members are excited about the project as well as the club getting back on its feet.

    “The Spanish Club is fun,” senior Erica Rios said. “It is a good way to help out the community, plus you can get a lot of community service out of it.”