Greehouse nears completion


mosley photo

Work started on the new horticulture class’s greenhouse this fall and is expected to be done this month. The class will grow vegetables for the nutrition classes to use as well as flowers to sell.

     Outside the Ag department and to the right, standing on the edge of the forest that borders civilization and nature, is a new building – a greenhouse, built for the horticulture class, covered in tiles of translucent glass and with enough room to house all of the projects the class can dream up.

     “I am very excited about being able to utilize such a vital asset for my class,” teacher Mandi Neal said.

     The greenhouse has been under construction for several weeks, and is now nearing completion, but the horticulture students and their teacher have been planning the building and looking forward to it for months.

     “The planning began in May of this year,” Neal said. “Actual construction began just a couple weeks ago, but it should be done soon.”

     Once the greenhouse is finished, the growing season for the class can extend to year-round, giving them an opportunity to expand what they grow and when.

     “We are planning on growing vegetable plants and flowering plants,” Neal said. “The vegetables are going to be grown until they form the actual vegetables, which are going to the nutritional classes for their activities. The flowers we can grow and sell at the end of the year.”