Student Spotlight: Winona Kitson


Melanie Slay

From a family of 12 children who all love Jesus and are all outgoing, sophomore Winona Kitson has had plenty of unique experiences in her life.

“I like to do a lot of stuff,” Kitson said, “like hiking, kayaking, dancing, singing, and long boarding and a lot more.”

She has seven sisters and four brothers. She is also one of the youngest.

“It’s cool because all my older siblings can afford to do cool stuff,” Kitson said. “They can fly me out to where they live for me to come visit, which is pretty cool.”

She was saved at the age of 12 and has loved God ever since. Her belief affects the way she treats others.

“When I first met her I knew she was Godly and sweet,” sophomore Brenda Garcia said. “It was just how she responded to things and how kind she was about stuff.”

Winona has traveled to a lot of places and has lived in four different states and has attended eight different schools.

“Traveling is fun because you get to see and learn a lot of new things,” Kitson said. “Meeting new people is interesting. I like to go to cool local food joints in the places I visit.”

Kitson is also musically inclined. She plays guitar and ukulele. She plays guitar for her church in Sunday’s. She also loves her church family.

“I started learning guitar when I was 11 or 12 and ukulele at 13,” Kitson said. “I tried to teach myself, but that didn’t go well, so I got lessons from a teacher. Playing guitar for my church is a lot of fun. I like to be involved with my church and I like to spend time with my church family.”

Though she is a very active person, she also loves to eat and binge watch The Office.

“When I’m doing nothing I like to listen to music,” Kitson said. “I like watching The Office because it makes me laugh. But most of all I love my alone time.”