Art students explore meaning


harter photo

The art classes worked together to create a giant eye made up of hands showing their personal definition of art. The creation is on display on the hall to the cafeteria.

     The Art 1, Art 2, and Ceramics classes just finished putting together their “What is Art?” display out for the student body to see. The project includes a contribution from each member of the art and ceramics classes. Each person traced his or her own hand on a piece of paper and then cut out the drawing. Each student then wrote their personal definition of the meaning of art on their cut-out, and the students compiled their hands as a giant eye on exhibit in the cafeteria hall.

     “I think tracing and cutting out our own hand was very creative and unique,” senior JJ Kolb said. “Putting what we thought art was added uniqueness and creativity to our hand.”

     The next project on the agenda, for classes 6th and 7th period, is an Altered Color Wheel. According to teacher Amanda Harter, each one is like a piece of art.

     “It’s a way to express yourself,” junior Ekta Patel said. “I think that is what art truly is.”