Seniors show off achievements


Nadia Garcia

One of the most anticipated events of senior year is Senior Walk, a chance for seniors to show off their accomplishments to the community.

“It was something different to finally be the one walking instead of the one watching,” senior Gracie Davis said. “It is all just happening so fast.”

The senior walk event was hosted before the game against Marlin. Football players, cheerleader, belles, and band members were in a rush to get back to their Friday night activities.

“Everyone was in a big rush,” senior Samuel Cervantes said. “ We had a big game against Marlin, and all the players were eager to get back on the field.”

For many students, this was their first time to be in front of such a big crowd.

“I’ve really never been in such a big crowd, besides football games, of course,” senior Joel Montano said. “I really liked it, though; my whole family was there.”

As much fun as it is to be starting senior activities, some of the students are not sure they are ready for graduation.

“I sometimes wish I could repeat the high school experiences over again,” Cervantes said. “I won’t lie. I am really going to miss it.”