FCA starts new chapter


Nadia Garcia

Last week an active chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes started up during See You at the Pole week, inviting all students who were interested or curious to attend a meeting.  

“I am very excited about this new club,” junior Madison Rowan said. “In my old school we used to do this, and now I am glad we are doing it here, too.”

Students do not have to be an athlete or even a Christian to attend meetings and take part in activities.

“This make me happy,” junior Lilah Adams said. “I am not athlete, but being a part of this club is something I would love to do.”

FCA members will meet weekly to talk and also hope to take a few outings together throughout the school year.

“As a human I always wanted to grow a better bond with God,” Adams said. “I believe FCA will really help me with that.”

Members hope the FCA will have a positive affect on the high school.

“It is time that kids really get to know more about God,” Rowan said. “This club will be a good contribution to that.”