Student Spotlight: Josalyn Taylor


Savanna Guevara

Sophomore Josalyn Taylor loves the spotlight.  Along with being a theatre student, she is also a member of the Bison Belles. 

“I love Belles,” Taylor said. “They’re like a second family.”

While she loves being in the spotlight, she has a fear of not meeting peoples’ expectations. She said she loves making people happy.

“It’s a scary moment when you feel like you let someone down,” Taylor said. “It’s such a bad feeling to me.”

Known for her height and giant personality, Taylor is actually quite shy and doesn’t like being tall at all. She feels like her height intimidates others who are shorter than she is.

“Height really shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s one of my insecurities,” Taylor said. “It has its perks, but the comments get to me sometimes.”

With her long curly hair and personality she says she tries to get along with everyone and doesn’t like having enemies. Her friends enjoy her individuality.

“She’s my favorite person because she’s nice yet playfully mean at the same time,” sophomore Stefani Trejo said. “She is a lovely person, and there isn’t much reason to dislike her.”