Greenhouse producing plants for sale

While the greenhouse was purchased a couple of years ago, nothing had been done with it until this year except set it up. At the beginning this school year, it was full of grass and weeds. Now, with the help of ag teacher Henry Geoff , teacher Mikaela Hall has all of the weeds gone and a new floor of weed cloth and gravel down, and the greenhouse is full of new plants.

“There was weeds taller than me in there,” ag teacher Mikaela Hall said.

Once everything was cleaned up and in working order, the group ordered plugs and seeds and went to work.

“We plant, water, transplant, and organize the plants,” freshman Melanie Slay said. “It’s an interesting experience.”

Students have worked really hard in the greenhouse. From spraying weeds, to keeping the greenhouse organized, everyone has pitched in.

“I just bought several plants from them last week,” teacher Melonie Menefee said. “I love that they are growing things in the greenhouse!”