Student Spotlight: Chelsea Harter


menefee photo

Sophomore Chelsea Harter dances with the Belles at halftime.

Being a teacher’s kid can be tough, and sophomore Chelsea Harter has a double dose of it – not only is her mom, Amanda Harter, one of her teachers, but she is also her Belle Director.

“I think that is it’s a lot harder on her than it is not me,” Mrs. harter said. “I grew up with a relative on each campus, so it’s normal for me having her in my class. I definitely don’t treat her any differently than I treat any other of my students, and I have to watch myself because I’ll be harder on her.”

Chelsea is very active in several organizations, including 4-H, Belles, and FCCLA, where she is currently running for regional and state offices.  

“I am very excited about running for office; I can’t wait,” Chelsea said. “It’s been so much fun to work on this with Mrs. Neyland, and I am excited.”

According to her mother, Chelsea is a very hard worker in the classroom as well as in her extracurricular events.

“I never have to check Chelsea’s grades,” Mrs. Harter said. “She checks her grades three or four times a day and take care of what she needs to”