Eleanor and Park is compelling

Eleanor and Park is an outstanding and realistic novel written by Rainbow Rowell. This book shows real-world problems that actually happen in many households today. The two main characters are Eleanor, a full-figured sixteen-year-old girl, and Park, a half-Korean sixteen-year-old boy. Eleanor is a social outcast and Park can get along with almost anyone. Growing up in very different lifestyles, at first they don’t really connect, but after the time that they’ve spent together Park realizes his true feelings for Eleanor. Due to the worsening relationship with her stepfather, Eleanor is forced to leave her home to live with her aunt and uncle and escape his abusive ways. Park desperately tries to stay in contact with Eleanor.

In my opinion this book held a very mature view on the real world and how adolescents would react to these common problems. Not only did I find it difficult to put this book down, but I also found the characters each relatable in their own way. I recommend this read to anyone interested in realistic fiction. This story was very compelling, intense and eye opening.