FCCLA helps with board appreciation dinner


gleghorn photo

Junior Natalie Freeman gives board member Jennifer Humphries a hug while senior Brittany Scott clears dishes at the end of the school board appreciation dinner.

Last week  FCCLA members prepared an appreciation dinner for the school board. Cooking a special dinner and serving them to thank them for all that they have done for the school,  the students and adviser Wendy Neyland worked to create a nice meal for the members, administration, and their spouses.

“We wanted to thank the school board committee for everything they have done,” freshman Makayla Gilliam said. “And what better way to do it then cook dinner for them.”

Neyland’s class helped prepare the dinner by cooking potatoes and offering the choice of chicken or steak.They even baked pies for dessert.

“I hope hope they liked the food,”Gilliam said. “It looked really good from my perspective.”

Seven of the FCCLA members helped out that night. They had a busy evening prepping up the tables, fixing and serving the plates and cleaning up afterwards.

“It was very hard trying to remember what everyone wanted; there was at least 23 people to serve,” sophomore Shalyn Cotton said. “However, we did have a lot of fun.”

The members said they had a really great experience that night by showing their appreciation for what the school board has done for the students and staff.

“I wouldn’t mind doing it again,” Cotton said. “Hosting dinner was the least we could do.”