Unbroken is a spectacular story

From the author of Seabiscuit, Laura Hillenbrand writes an amazing true story about a young Air Force Lieutenant, Louis Zamperini. Unbroken takes us through the hardships brought on by World War 2 that were endured by many men in the armed forces.

Unbroken starts in a 1921 Torrance, California and follows the Italian immigrants, the Zamperini’s. The main character, Louis, is twelve and has been full of mischief since the day he was born. His older brother, Pete, is a track-star and encourages Louis to apply himself to other things then fights. Louis finally gives in and joins the track team and with each year he gets better and better. He later tries out for the Olympic team.

During World War 2, Louie joins the army. Things happen and he ends up in the middle of the ocean with a raft and a few supplies. Even though there is no hope of him being saved, he still has hope. He is later found by the Axis powers and put in a enemy-of-war camp. Although it is tough, Louie Zamperini pushes through all the while thinking of one thing that his brother told him since he was small, “If you can take it, you can make it.”

Unbroken is an inspiring story that is beautifully written. Unbroken leaves you on the edge of your seat like a new-age thriller. I would encourage many people to read this book, not only for the amazing message that it gives off, but because of the surrealness of it. It’s hard to believe people actually went through this. Laura Hillenbrand is an amazing author and I would read any book she writes.