The novel The Fault in Our Stars showcases the issues better than the movie

The Fault in Our Stars is John Green’s best-selling young-adult novel that was made into a movie, as well. While the film sets out to make you weep – one of those “why do bad things always happen to the good people?” types of cries, the book is a more thoughtful, slower-paced look at the issues. Cancer is, understandably, a subject that most people do not like to talk about. This book, however, gives the reader a candid look at the issues from more than one side.

Hazel Grace Lancaster is the main character. She has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and like many cancer patients, she expects her life to end very soon. She attends support group along with other cancer patients, and it is here that she meets Augustus Waters, the handsome young man that is determined to live an “extraordinary life”.

It is a beautifully-written book about two teenagers who above all their hardships, fall in love. They help one another deal with their illness and keep one another company. It is a painful but heartwarming story and demonstrates that love can make any situation beautiful.

If you’re a romance fanatic, or have been dying to read a new Romeo-and-Juliet-type of book then this the book to read. It is a beautiful story and worth every second.