Winter provides perfect end for series


The much-anticipated end to the New York Times bestselling series The Lunar Chronicles final book, Winter, has arrived, exciting fans from all over the world. Author Marissa Meyer mixes fairy tales, cyborgs, love and a totalitarian government together into a book series perfect for teen sci-fi readers.

Meyer’s book series began with Cinder – a spin off of the fairy tale Cinderella. The next book in the series was Scarlet which featured Little Red Riding Hood, and the following book was Cress, who followed Rapunzel. The final and last book, Winter, focuses on Snow White. The books can stand alone, however, they are all interwoven and are meant to be read in order. Winter is a beautifully-crafted end to the chronicles that leaves readers sad, but content at the same time. The concluding book had a well-thought-out plot that really brought the whole series together.