Looking for Alaska includes good life lessons


Looking for Alaska is the first book wrote by John Green. It tells the story of a boy named Miles Halter who lives by the quote, “I go to seek a Great Perhaps,” by Francois Rabelais. While attending the Alabama boarding school, he makes some new friends: Chip “The Colonel” Martin, Takumi Hikohito, and Alaska Young.

On his first night there, the Weekday Warriors, a group of rich boys that attend the boarding school, kidnap him and throw him in a river. Afterwards, Miles and Alaska play multiple pranks on the group of boys. To celebrate, they throw a party where Alaska confesses her love for Miles.

That night, Alaska gets a call and tells them she has to leave. They say no but she insists and they eventually let her. She gets in a car wreck and is killed instantly. People tell Miles it was suicide and he becomes mad at her for being selfish. After arguing with his friends for a while, he forgives her and “allows her to leave”.

John Green shows us the dangers of drinking and driving while also showing a love story between two teens. Considering it was his first book, John Green wrote a lovely book. I loved the book because it was unpredictable. I love to read books by John Green because he is an amazing author. I would encourage many others to read this book because of the lesson you can get out of it.