Gone Girl full of twists and surprises

Gone Girl is narrated by Nick, Amy’s husband, as well as Amy via her diary. The book is set in North Carthage, Missouri, in 2012. Amy and Nick had previously lived in New York until Nick took Amy to Missouri, his hometown, after they both lost their jobs. Amy hates small town life. Pretty soon, she begins to hate Nick. And then she goes missing and their anniversary, and it starts to look like Nick might be guilty … of something. This novel is packed with twist and turns. It is a thrilling novel of betrayal, evil and twisted thoughts.
I did enjoy the novel because of how well it was written, and I enjoyed the thrill and suspense. It was very hard to put this book down, I loved how the author had so many twists and turns to catch the reader off guard. When you think you know who took Amy, you really don’t. I loved the ending but do think that one of the characters was very dark and twisted and it amazed me to the extents the author took this character. Overall it was a very good book, and I encourage others who like thrilling books to read it.