Student group connects with Saudi Arabian school


menefee photo

Journalism students video conference with students from Saudi Arabia. The group will have three more conferences this school year.

Messaging people over social media is one thing, but real-time video conferencing with people on the other side of the globe is something else entirely. The journalism staff got to do just that during a video conference with a group of students from Al-Hassan in Saudi Arabia.

Senior Miryam Zapata shares some of the items and dress used in her culture's dances.
menefee photo
Senior Miryam Zapata shares some of the items and dress used in her culture’s dances.

From introducing each other and discussing aspects of each culture to making jokes and building friendships, the Global Nomads groups covered all sorts of topics from women’s suffrage to breakfast foods.

“The IVC was pretty fun,” Al-Hassan student Donia Salem said. “I was sad that time passed by quite fast due to the fun we had.”

Once the conference was over, everyone involved was wishing it didn’t have to end. Even afterwards, the students spent several days messaging back and forth on their Google Connect site.

“I was very proud of how all of the students shared and laughed during our first IVC,” adviser Melonie Menefee said. “It takes courage to share details about your life and your customs with new people, and I think they all did a wonderful job.”

The groups will have three more video conferences throughout the next few months, and will continue to share details about their cultures as well as plan and create projects designed to showcase what they are learning.

“This is our second year to participate in the Global Nomads program, and I am so pleased to be a part of it again,” Menefee said. “These kids learn so much and come to understand one another in ways they never would be able to without meeting, even if it is with thousands of miles in between them.”