FCS students help carve pumpkins

Senior Brianna Johnston works on her pumpkin with her preschool helper.

Fall brings to mind lots of activities: making caramel apples, baking pumpkin pie, wearing scarves and boots, dressing up for halloween, and of course carving pumpkins. During Halloween week, students in food science classes had the opportunity to travel to First Baptist Church and carve pumpkins with the preschoolers.

Each student brought a pumpkin for the preschoolers and helped them carve it.

“It was actually my first time carving a pumpkin,” sophomore Chelsea Harter said. “So it was a first for me and my preschooler. I think that even though the inside of the pumpkin was slimy and gross, we both had a really fun time.”

Other students used carving pumpkins as an opportunity to get to know the preschoolers better.

“My little girl that I was paired with and I got the chance to bond with each other; we even took a selfie,” sophomore Lilah Molina said. “I tried to get her involved the most that I could, and I hope we can do more activities like this in the future.”

Afterwards, students were given an assignment to write an essay over the experience they had.

“I asked the preschooler that I was paired with a lot of questions,” sophomore Kaylee Morgan said. “It helped us bond, but it also helped me write my essay. I think that spending time with the younger kids in the community was a great way to get involved, and it gave us responsibility because they really look up to us.”