Binge manages to be funny and touching all at once

Tyler Oakley,YouTuber and pop-culture phenomenon, has written an autobiography about all of his mishaps and shenanigans. With all of these embarrassing and hilarious stories, the title of the book couldn’t be any better: Binge.

Binge has been a real hit for most young teen readers. Embarrassing drunken stories, combined with lessons on what NOT to do in college, make for a fun read.

Of course, like all autobiographies, there are sentimental chapters, which include him coming out, dealing with break-ups, and making it though other emotional parts of his life.

After reading (half) this book, I really love it. It shows from where Oakley really started and how he became the person he is today. I recommend this book for all LGBQT+ out there, as well as anyone who needs a bit of a laugh.

The book is available in Walmart, Target, SAMs, and Online. You can follow Oakley on Twitter (@tyleroakley).