Meet the queen candidates

Check out halftime on Friday night to see who is crowned


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Homecoming queen candidates Allison Grissett, Jacie Jones, Brittnie Garcia and Ally Gaskins pose in front of the high school.


Brittnie Garcia

Among the four candidates for the 2015 homecoming queen is senior Brittnie Garcia. Garcia is a member of FCCLA and the Spanish Club, and she is a varsity cheerleader as well. In her spare time, she enjoys doing charitable events that benefit or raise awareness for Down Syndrome, which she started doing after her son was born more than a year ago. She has participated in several 5k events. Garcia also loves supporting her siblings in all their extracurricular activities, shopping, and spending time with her son.

For Garcia, being nominated for homecoming queen is a childhood dream coming true.

“When I heard I was nominated, I was very surprised,” Garcia said. “I feel so blessed. As a little girl, these are the kinds of things you dream about, so I am very honored.”

Garcia and the other nominees are all friends and have grown up together.  

“I love the other candidates,” Garcia said. “I spent most of my years in school with them. They are all just as beautiful on the inside as the outside.”

As a senior, being nominated for homecoming queen is just another memory for all the candidates to cherish forever.

“I am most excited to be apart of such a special night for our school,” Garcia said. “It’s definitely another memory to add to an already memorable senior year.”

Ally Gaskins

Senior Ally Gaskins is one of the four homecoming candidates for the 2015 crown.

Gaskins is a well-rounded student involved in many activities including NHS, cheer, Student Council, Spanish Club and journalism.

“I’m surprised but very honored to be nominated,” Gaskins said. “I think it is sweet and something exciting to be a part of.”

Her favorite pastimes are being with family and friends. She said her senior year has been going great so far.

“It’s not any different from any other year,” Ally said, “at least not for me.”

Ally cheers for varsity games Friday nights; she is well known among the cheerleaders for being very sweet and quiet.

“Ally is a great candidate; she is so sweet to everyone,” sophomore Nadia Garcia said. “I think she will look beautiful, too.”

Allison Grissett

Being nominated for Homecoming Queen is an honor that not every girl has bestowed upon her, but senior Allison Grissett found out just what it’s like to hear her name announced over the loudspeaker as a member of the 2016 Homecoming Court.

“I feel humbled,” Grissett said. “Not everyone gets that chance so I’m grateful for it. To have such good people around you that want to support you is a good thing.”

Along with being a Homecoming Queen nominee, Grissett is a member of the National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Student Council, and FFA. She also plays several sports and is a senior class officer.

“Education comes first,” Grissett said. “I base everything off of that.”

Even with all that on her plate, Grissett still manages to excel in everything. No matter what she’s doing, she gives it her all and won’t stop until she’s achieved her goal.

“It’s hard at times,” Grissett said. “I just have to manage my time well.”

Jacie Jones

Senior Jacie Jones is excited to be a member of the homecoming court. For Jacie, finding out she was on the court was a surprise she was not expecting.

“I was really happy when I found out that I was a homecoming queen nominee,” Jones said. “I really didn’t expect it and so it made it that much more special.”

Being in the homecoming court is something that runs in Jacie’s family.

“My mom was on the homecoming court when she was in high school, and so was my aunt,” Jones said. “When they found out I was on the court I think they were more excited than me.”

Jacie is involved in multiple activities including volleyball, cheer, NHS and Spanish Club. Outside of school she enjoys spending time with her friends and her family.

“Everyone loves Jacie,” senior Madison Kennedy said. “She has a ton of friends and she is sweet to everyone.”

Jacie is also close friends with the other homecoming candidates.

“I have been friends with these girls all of my life, I love all of them, and I wouldn’t ask for anyone else to be on the court with me,” Jones said. “Having them with me will make the night so much more memorable.”