Art class learns origami


harter photo

Junior Austin Melton shows sophomore Dillon Beshears how to make a paper swan in art class.

The art class is working on making 1,000 cranes. They started just a little over a month ago and plan to finish the project in May. They are trying to achieve a challenge that came from a Japanese myth: the legend has it that if the man or woman folds one thousand cranes, they get one wish, whether it be for peace health of luck. The legend started with Japanese brides, who would fold one thousand cranes before their wedding day in hopes to be rewarded with a good and happy marriage.

“This is a multi-cultural lesson that allows us to make art of a different culture,” teacher Amanda Harter said.

To help the class create these cranes, Harter had junior Austin Melton into the class to help the first and seventh period understand how to make a paper crane.

“I learned how to make a paper crane when I was in sixth grade,” Melton said. “My science teacher handed out papers explaining how to make the paper crane. Once I learned how to make it, I was hooked on origami.”