FCCLA holds anti-bullying program


scott photo

Students Lauren Pate and Hannah Eakin work on an anti-bullying activity with a group of elementary students.

With community service projects to complete before regional competition in Galveston this month, Wendy Neyland’s FCCLA officers and students from her FCS classes spent most of a day at the elementary campus completing an anti-bullying program for the students there. The elementary students participated in several learning activities with the high schoolers.

“I was very impressed the way the high schoolers treated the little ones,” Neyland said. “I think they all had a great time.”

One activity that the students participated in was the kindness cape. Students wrote nice things about their classmates and learned to keep their kind word in mind for when times came up that they might need it.

“It was amazing the things that they came up with,” senior Annel Escobar said. “It really impressed me.”

Students were also to play ball with some of the high school students. As the students rolled the ball around to each other, they would say something nice about the person they threw the ball to.

“It was so funny with the younger kids,” junior Samantha Rios said. “They didn’t understand, really, so we just there the ball around.”

Students also signed a pledge saying that they promised to be nice and be a friend to others who need one, and pledged to try to stop bullying.

“It was really neat seeing all the kids standing up for the ones being bullied and taking the pledge,” junior David Mcalpine said.