4-Hers work annual omelet dinner


pate photo

Senior Leana Gore and junior Rachael Sullivan help 4-H leader Andrea Freeman at the annual omelet dinner.

The smell of cooking filled the air and community members filled the tables to chow down on their omelets at the annual 4-H omelet dinner last week. Sales were even better than previous years.

“We sold about 240 omelets,” 4-H leader Jennifer McGill said. “Even though lots of people come each year, there was an especially good turnout.”

Club members chip in each year on everything from chopping vegetables to cooking the omelets and cleaning up afterwards. Even the youngest members get in on the act, donning aprons and welding spatulas.

“I get a lot of joy out of making omelets for the people even though I wasn’t able to this year,” junior Rachael Sullivan said. “It’s cool to see them lining up just for our omelets.”

The omelet dinner is one of two fundraiser the group does each year. The other is the fried pie sale at the Buffalo Stampede. Both let the kids take part, but usually the actual pie frying is done by the adults. This means that the kids love to get a chance to actually cook at the omelet dinner.

“Everyone loves this fundraiser,” McGill said. “We’re looking forward to many more successful years.”