Student focus: Taylor Shelton


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Junior Taylor Shelton cheers at a football game earlier this year. Shelton is also involved in sports and several other organizations.

In a high school full of activities to choose from, there are those that choose multiple sports and organizations to be a part of. One of these is junior Taylor Shelton.

Every day, Shelton faces the challenge of balancing her sports, academic, and social life, yet she continues to be successful in each.

“Having so much on my plate is definitely a challenge at times,” Shelton said. “But, I just try to stay focused and keep working through it all.”

Shelton has been playing basketball for the vast majority of her life and she continues to enjoy them just as much as she has from the very beginning.

“This will be my fifth year of school sports, and I also played little dribblers,” Shelton said. “I love being out of the court because I am very competitive. My team is like my family; having them behind me is a great feeling.”

Throughout her high school career, Shelton has been recognized for her talent and athleticism. Awards she has received include first team all-district and academic all-district in basketball, she was a regional qualifier in pole vault last year; and she and her fellow Lady Bison have made it to playoffs every year in basketball. Through all of that, she keeps her focus on what truly matters, and for her, that’s her academics.

“You have to figure out what is most important to you, and for me that is academics,” Shelton said. “I prioritize my activities where my academics come first, that has helped me remain in the top ten percent.”

She says that high school has taught her many lessons that will continue to help her throughout her life.

“High school has taught me that I have to learn how to manage my time wisely, or I will forget to do something,” Shelton said. “I also have to be very organized to be successful when I am involved in a lot of different activities.”