Science teacher joins BHS staff


zapata photo

Science teacher Patrice Cox explains her point to senior Sergio Vazquez.

There are several new faces in the science department this school year, including Patrice Cox, who is teaching Anatomy, Chemistry, Forensics, and IPC.

Cox said that she is enthusiastic about the school year and hopes to get her students interested as well.

“I always loved science when I was in school,” Cox said. “I hope to show students that science is fun and something to get excited about.”

Her love of science is already apparent to her students.

“She’s very passionate about science and teaching,” senior Rudy Salazar said.

Other students agree.

“I think we are going to learn a lot in school this year in Mrs. Cox’s class,” senior Kendall Lee said. “She does hands on activities, and I always look forward to what new, cool labs she has for us, its the first time in a long time that i’m actually excited about science.”