Art class dives into projects

Senior Peyten Conn works on a poster during art class.

Art students are spending their days creating artwork for the halls even as they learn more about the colors and shapes they use in their projects. Spirit signs and signs advertising extracurricular activities are group efforts by students, while their individual projects given them something more serious to focus on.

Art 1 is currently working on color theory projects as a review of the color wheel, primary colors, secondary colors, warm colors, cool colors, complimentary colors and analogous colors. After they are done, they will break down the color element further with new projects.

“The first few projects in Art 1 are not very exciting,” teacher Amanda Harter said. “But, before we can paint, the students must work on these basic Art lessons. Altered color wheels are next.”

Art 2 is painting masks. According to Harter, although they are not turning out like she envisioned, they are still making excellent projects.

“They were supposed to be like face painting, but most of them are turning them into Day of the Dead masks,” Harter said. “They look really neat.”