Food and clothing drive benefits Lord’s Pantry


gleghorn photo

Sophomore Brianna Johnston and junior Laura Espinoza unload food and clothing that they collected for The Lord’s Pantry while a volunteer looks on.

    Recently, the two members of FCCLA had a food and cloth drive to give to those who are in need. Art teacher Amanda Harter helped the students, Laura Espinoza and Brianna Johnston, start the project up, but she says they did most of the work themselves.

    “It was great to help Laura and Brianna get their project off the ground,” Harter said. “It was good to see them work so hard for a good cause.”

    The drive took place through most of February and collected food and clothing for the Lords Pantry. The girls decided to start the project after the Lord’s Pantry called the school and said that they were lacking in adult clothes and food.

    “We raised eight big bags of clothes for them,” Johnston said. “Plus a total of 347 cans of food. The end result was a good amount.”

    After collecting the clothes and food, the girls took them to the Lord’s Pantry, where the volunteers were grateful for the contributions. The girls said they were glad to help.

    “We wanted to do a different FCCLA project, and once we got that call we knew what we could do,” Espinoza said.

    The two said they had fun with the drive, but that it was a lot of hard work.

    “It felt great getting to help the less fortunate ones,” Espinoza said. “It’s great to know that something you do is going to help others.”