Seniors learn CPR



Senior Jorge Herrera practices his CPR technique during a certification class.

Emma Adams, Co-Editor

Seniors spent a few hours last week completing a CPR class as a requirement to graduate. The state requires all seniors to complete a class done by Stacey Brantley and campus nurse Jaci Duck.

“The class was very informative and I definitely learned a lot,” senior Kai Collins said. “I had never taken a CPR class before so I didn’t know a lot of the basics.”

Seniors took the class in groups of 15, taking turns learning the lifesaving techniques.

“I was part of the first group since my last name started with a B,” senior Mia Barret said. “I really wanted to learn how to do CPR on a baby, but that was for another class.”

At the beginning of the class, the students took notes and watched a set of videos before practicing on the dummies.

“The video was boring, but I learned stuff I needed to know,” senior Cassidy Cook said. “I think this is definitely something everyone needs to know how to do.”

After the videos were over, the students practiced on dummies and learned how to use an AED and where they were located in the school.

“I started on the breath compressions first then did the chest compressions,” senior Gracelynn Dawson said. “I already have a CPR certificate because I have to do it for the volunteer fire department each month.”

The dummy made a clicking noise and showed 2 green dots when students were performing CPR correctly. They found out that it was not as easy as the videos made it look.

“It took a lot more pressure to make the green dots appear than I thought,” senior Riley Ayres said. “After 30 compressions and two breaths, I was tired afterward.”