Student Spotlight: Thomas Grissett



Thomas Grissett poses with his younger sister after his first Little Dribblers game as a referee.

Emma Adams, Co-Editor

Senior Thomas Grissett shares his love for basketball by giving up his Saturdays and evenings to ref for Little Dribblers. Grissett played Little Dribblers for years and watched his dad coach; he plays on the high school team and was excited to get his license so he could start refereeing as well.

“The younger kids have some real talent,” Grissett said. “It’s fun seeing them get better.”

Grissett has been playing not only basketball but also football and baseball since he was four; little league sports is a family affair, with his younger siblings playing a full slate of sports as well.

“I like keeping myself busy because it’s so boring doing nothing after school,” Grissett said. “I mainly like to hang out with friends, but now reffing on the side keeps me busy.”

With a dad who coaches and siblings who play, his life is filled with sports. When the family isn’t on the field or the court together, they are on the lake together, sharing their passion for fishing.

Grissett said he set new goals for himself at the start of the school year. One of those goals was to sharpen his basketball goals by learning how to be a referee.

“I hope to ref the rest of the year and next year when I’m off for college,” Grissett said. “I really enjoy it and can’t wait for more games this year.”