Bison basketball works on growing as a team


Colby Menefee

Dakota Harrison dribbles around an opponent during a home game.

Kaylee Rodriguez, Reporter

The Bison basketball team began the year with intense practices and hard-core coaching intended to make them better. They started the year with some strong wins, and after some tough losses have started to pick up more wins. They work in practice on shooting and going over their press break.

“We spend a lot of time shooting. With the way we play offense, there are a lot of open shots, especially in the corner,” Coach Danny Dubois said. “A lot of teams we play run some version of a full-court press, so we work on our press break.”

More important to Dubois than the skills on the court is that the team learns to work together as a team.

“My expectations are that we get better each day and play together as a team,” Dubois said. “Hustling and having a good attitude doesn’t take any talent, so they should be good at those things at a minimum.”