Cheerleaders perform at Disney as part of UCE All American squad


Sherlynn Rodriguez, Co-Editor

As many students were preparing for their Thanksgiving break, seniors Jazlynn Early and Ashley White and junior Alani Jones prepared to take off to Orlando, Florida. These three cheerleaders were going to be performing in Disney World for the Varsity Cheer Spectacular.

“I was so happy that we got to perform at Disney,” Jones said. “I was a bit nervous before the performance but I was later calm because I was able to talk to people and make friends.”

During the summer the cheerleaders went to cheer camp hosted by UCA. The camp was three days long.

“During the summer we learned a lot of new routines,” Early said. “Camp definitely felt long but we made the most of it.”

On the third day of camp the girls tried out for All American. They performed dances and cheers in groups and all three made the cut.

“I felt pretty good about my tryout,” Early said. “I’ve been All American for the past few years, so I was really hoping I’d make it my senior year.”

Because these girls were All American, they were given the privilege to go to Disney World to perform.

“I was beyond excited,” White said. “My favorite part about this trip was seeing Alani break down over princess Tiana; as soon as she walked in the room, the tears started falling like crazy.”

The girls traveled to Orlando on Nov. 18. When they arrived they registered and then settled into their rooms. The next day the girls practiced and rehearsed that night.

“Practice was so long and chaotic, but I had the time of my life being with my friends,” Early said. “I had a great time being with them, meeting new people, and doing the parade with them beside me.”

On the third day, the girls performed with the other cheerleaders in the Magic Kingdom.

“It was so cool to perform at Disney World,” White said. “At the end of the parade the characters were waiting for us; it brought my inner child out.”

The last two days the girls got to enjoy and explore Disney World. They got on rides, ate food and had fun with each other.

“My favorite thing about going to Disney World was seeing the families and kids watching us,” Alani said. “They looked so happy when they watched our performance, and it made me happy knowing I got to make others happy.”