Class of 22 marks off a milestone with senior pep rally



Seniors showed off their overalls for the final pep rally of the year.

Emma Adams, Co-Editor

Seniors wrapped up a week of dress-up and senior fun with the senior pep rally.

“I was so hyped for our pep rally,” senior Kai Collins said. “Moving to a new school my junior year was hard, but it was the best decision I ever made. Everyone got so involved and all the decorations looked amazing.”

Starting off the pep rally was the usual performances by cheer, Belles and band with their last pep rally performances of the year.

“It was so sad seeing everyone just doing their things, but knowing it was the last time,” senior Jazlynn early said. “It just made it so much more real.”

Coach Daryl Skelton read a history of the class’s adventures together.

“We all sat down like we were in kindergarten again and listened to a story about us,” senior Ethan Williams said. “It was all fun and games until he got to our senior year and started telling memories just from this year.”

The pep rally game for the week was for seniors only, and it took only a few minutes for the entire class to be eliminated down to one.

“I won the game,” senior Riley Ayres said. “It’s a game I had played before so I knew the concept, but I’m just really quick.”

After the school song the seniors watched a video full of photos from over the years.

“I cried so much after watching the video,” senior Gracelynn Dawson said. “It had so many good times and memories, and knowing it is all ending made me feel so many emotions. I just wanted to hug everyone.”