Food Science students feed guests at Hispanic Heritage night



FCS students helped to create a number of Hispanic dishes to share with those attending Hispanic Heritage night.

April Martinez, Co-Editor

The Food Science students jumped in to help celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by cooking treats to share with the audience who attended the community performance.

“I helped make the arroz con leche, which is a Mexican dessert of rice and milk,” junior Brianna Leon said. “We burnt it the first time, so we had to make it again, but it turned out really good.”

Teacher Chelsea Harter was in charge of preparing the food. Harter received help from her Food Science students.

“It was sort of last-minute, so we were rushing to get everything done,” Harter said. “I’m glad that my students were able to help me, because I would not be able to do it myself.”

The class made several treats including churros, bunuelos, ceviche, pico de gallo and much more.

“My favorite food were the churros,” junior Pari Jariwala said. “They were soft and really sweet. I had at least four of them.”

After the dance program, audience members were able to visit different tables that had informational posters about different countries. They could also try all the cuisines from each country.

“It was a really unique idea that the Spanish Club came up with,” club president Omar Almeida said. “We hope that this event can get better every year.”