New album showcases Kanye’s vulnerable side


courtesy of distractify

April Martinez, Co-Editor

Kanye’s newest studio album Donda expresses his grief over the passing of his mother, for whom the album is named; the album also explores his religion, addiction, mental instability and relationships with his family; Christianity and religion is a main theme, similar to his previous album Jesus is King. Donda is his tenth studio album, released on August 29.

Lyrically, Kanye displays a vulnerable side, mourning his deceased mother and the collapse of his marriage to Kim Kardashian. Although it wasn’t the best album, it definitely had some great songs. “New Again” and “Believe What I Say” are both creatively inspiring and have me listening to it on repeat. It’s a mixture of chord progressions and choir music with solid rapping, unlike anything that has been done by other artists.

The Chicago rapper and producer is a controversial figure, but he has been a major influence in the music world for the past two decades, and he’ll go down as one of the best artists ever. All his albums have been a success, and this one is no different.