Black Out pep rally honors first responders



The freshman poster won the spirit stick for the week. The seniors also won two spiriti sticks, one for winning the game and one for winning the chant.

Emma Adams, Co-Editor

Twenty years ago the country watched, devastated, as two airplanes hit the town towers. Since that day, a lot has changed, but anyone who was alive for the event remembers where they were when it happened and have passed those stories down to students who were not quite born. For this week’s Black Out pep rally, classes honored first responders with their spirit posters.

“This pep rally was by far the best one we have had yet,” senior Paige Daniel said. “Everyone got involved, and it was really sentimental to be able to honor those heroes that lost their lives in the 9/11 attack.”

The football boys were introduced by cheer co-captain Addison Lathrop and the cheerleaders performed and then the volleyball girls came out on the floor decked out in their glow-in-the-dark gear.

The cheerleaders, Belles and band performed while decked out in glow-in-the-dark items. (msm)

“Our performance was my favorite,” cheerleader Avery Best said. “It was a dance we had been working really hard to master, and it turned out to be our best performance.”

The Bison Belles were introduced and the officers performed a pom routine to “Lighter.”

“Due to sickness and many girls not being able to dance, we made the decision to cut everyone but the officers so we could clean it in time for the pep rally,” junior Pari Jarawala said. “We had seven people perform, all officers and one line member because she showed she knew it enough to perform.”

The week’s game was designed by Principal John Clements and was a tweak on the crate challenge. Students had four crates that were pushed together and had to get ten students on the small surface for 30 seconds with no one falling off.

Students fight to keep their balance on top of the crates during the pep rally game. The seniors won. (msm)

“The game needed strategy that we couldn’t quite get in time,” junior Lane Freeman said. “We tried to get on each other’s backs, then just tried hugging, but we didn’t have the right strategies to pull out a win.”

The seniors won the game and earned a spirit stick then immediately earned another spirit stick for their chant while the freshmen won the poster contest.

“I was so happy that more people decided to support our class and stayed for the pep rally,” senior Abel Salazar said. “This is our last year to make memories and I’m glad our class is finally realizing that.”