Meet the Bison changes things up

Junior high and high school events split



Bison Belle Captain April Martinez salutes to the crowd as she is introduced at Meet the Bison. April is a four-year member of the Belles.

Emma Adams, Co-Editor

The annual Meet the Bison looked a little different this year, with the high school and junior high groups splitting into two different nights and the high school holding its event the night before school started. Despite having fewer teams to present to the community, the stands were full and the bidding on cakes, parking spaces and season passes was heavy. 

“It was quicker this year, so that was okay,” sophomore Marc Baxter said. “It’s better when the junior high is here, though, because it means there are more people here and more parents in the stands. And parents who have students in high school and junior high don’t have to go to two different events.”

There were more than just new athletes to recognize; the majority of the coaching staff was new, and Athletic Director Evan Stone was new to his position, as well.

“I was super excited to meet the new coaches this year,” junior Allison Bing said. “I already met some of them from doing volleyball, but since a lot quit last year and we got a new Athletic Director, I knew a lot of people would show up to meet them, too.”

Junior Alison Bing struts her stuff as she is introduced at Meet the Bison. The event featured just the high school students this year, with a junior high event held later in the month. (Smith)

Team introductions were accompanied by performances from the cheerleaders, Bison Belles and Bison Brigade. 

“It was my first year being introduced as a high school cheerleader and it was so fun and exciting,” freshman Avery Waters said. “We sold cakes and our parking spot for a large amount of money, and that will help us get through the year.”

All of the groups represented benefitted from the auctions, with Ezell Air and Electric donating an additional $500 to each group on top of what their annual parking spot brought in from the auction.

“It was super cool to see so many people supporting us,” freshman Belky Cruz said. “The stands were so full and I was super nervous, but after we performed all my nerves went away and I got to enjoy the rest of the night.” 

Athletic Director Coach Stone helped make the night memorable with his encouraging words and support for the Buffalo Bison. 

“The coaching staff and teachers this year are very supportive and want to be involved in everything us kids are doing,” senior Abel Salazar said. “I love that about Buffalo, that everyone supports each other and donates to us.” 

Ending the night was the traditional school song and fight song played by the band. Everyone rose to their feet and held up the traditional number-one sign. 

“We scream at the top of our lungs at every event to show how proud we are to be home of the Bison,” senior Jazlynn Early said. “I will always be happy to sing our school song, and it’s always the best way to end any event.”