Olivia Rodrigo hits another one out of the park

April Martinez, Reporter

After her unexpected hit back in January, 18-year-old actress and singer Olivia Rodrigo released yet another anthem for her fans. The newest pop sensation sings about the feeling after the end of a relationship in her latest single, ”Deja Vu.”

Rodrigo opens up about memories of her past relationship: “Car rides to Malibu/Strawberry ice cream/One spoon for two,” she sings with strong vocals and an angelic melody. She questions whether her former boyfriend’s partner knows all the things he’s done with his ex. The story continues as she reminisces about her past and sings about her deja vu.

The up-and-coming artist has been successful with all her previous tracks, including “All I Want,” “drivers license” and now “Deja Vu”. This heartwarming song will have you in the mood to sing along. Despite the gloomy lyrics, the melody and tone is very positive and uplifting. It’s the perfect song for spring vibes.