Bassett carries relationship drama into his newest release

April Martinez, Reporter

After Olivia Rodrigo’s hit song “drivers license” was released, former boyfriend and co-star Joshua Bassett gave another perspective to the drama between them with his newest single “Lie, Lie, Lie”

“You’ve been lying to yourself / Lie to everyone else / Only thinking ‘bout yourself / Darling, what the hell?”

Bassett writes about a girl who was lying behind his back. Interestingly enough, Rodrigo sings about a boyfriend who broke her heart. Bassett confronts Rodrigo by saying she was stuck in a bubble and manifesting her own fantasies.

“And you’re acting, oh, so innocent / Like I’m the only one to blame”

The lyrics are clearly directed at Rodrigo, but besides the drama, the song has a catchy beat that gives off Shawn Mendez vibes. If “Lie, Lie, Lie” wasn’t negative towards the rising pop star, this could have been a hit song, however, everyone seems to side with Rodrigo.

Whoever you believe, both songs are incredible and tell a story of their point of view. The artists have their own aesthetics that they use in their songs and show more to the story. But if you’re wanting to go on an emotional rollercoaster, I recommend streaming “driver’s license.”