Spotlight: April Martinez


Emma Adams

Getting the answer wrong will only cost her three points, but junior April Martinez doesn’t like to make mistakes. She demands perfection from herself, both inside the classroom and out.

“I have pretty high expectations for my future, Martinez said. “I want to be able to provide for my parents who have risked so much for us. I also want to become successful in my own way by being happy and strong willed.”

Martinez expects a lot from herself outside the classroom, as well. This summer she tried out for a Belle officer position and was determined to do her best no matter the circumstances. Martinez ended the summer on a good note with becoming the Bison Belle First Lieutenant.

“As an officer I believe I can lead the Belles into a successful season, ” Martinez said. “I also want the belles to not only be stronger dancers but stronger people overall.”

Martinez’s educational goals for herself are not going to get any easier in the future. Her own experiences have driven her to choose a challenging career. Martinez got braces in early January of this year, and after seeing how the process works, she decided to shift her study goals to orthodontics.

“Becoming an orthodontist assistant is a stable job that doesn’t require a ton of college,” Martinez said. Since I never really enjoyed school anyways, this would be a perfect job for me. I also want to make enough money to save and to be able to give back to my parents when they’re older.”

Martinez spends her free time hanging with friends and making memories. One of Martinez’s best moments is the night of her quinceanera. She said she was surrounded by friends and family and so many people that love and support her that it’s a night she’ll never forget.

“I was really surprised that a lot of people could come together to celebrate me on such a big night,” Martinez said. “My favorite part from that night was all the dancing and smiles everyone had.”

“Love all, trust a few, and do wrong to none.” These are just a few words martinez goes by, In just those few words there’s so much power and emotion. And this has helped Martinez get to where she is today.

“I believe it means you should love everyone around you,” Martinez said. “What really drew me to this quote is the trust a few which I really go by. To me this means that even though I have done wrong to some I have learned from my mistakes, and I’m willing to change for the better.”