DIY: Paint Chip Calendar


Sherlynn Rodriguez

The best thing to do in quarantine is to stay busy. That’s easy to do with crafts, but sometimes the cost can add up! Here’s a fun craft that uses paint samples, which are free!

  • Picture Frame – at least an 8X10 looks best! You recycle an old one to save even more money!  
  • Any color paint samples  
  • Poster Board for the background or a simple sheet of paper 
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Straight Edge, ruler and a pencil
  • Dry Erase Markers

What To Do:

  1. Take your chosen paint sample colors and trim them to the size you want. Keep in mind you’ll need 7 colors to comfortably fit from left to right and that the labels for the days of the week will be smaller than the calendar days. The smaller your frame, the smaller you will have to trim them.
  2. Trim your poster board to the size of the frame and glue your paint samples to it. 
  3. Place your finished calendar inside the frame and use your dry erase marker to label the days and dates.
  4. Enjoy your fun (and one-of-a-kind) calendar!