Film class learns the art of interviewing


menefee photo

Freshman Evan Grisham interviews classmate Dylan Harris with Dylan posing as Walt Disney. The assignment for the class was to research and interview a historical character.

    Practicing the art of both interviewing and being interviewed on film was the focus of the latest project for the video class taught by Clay Hodges. The group has spent the semester filming and putting together sports footage; now, they are branching out by researching and posing as different historical figures while classmates mock interview and film one another.

    “The best part of the project was the actual filming,” sophomore Dylan Harris said. Harris posed as Walt Disney for his group’s project.

    Students have spent time this semester working on the basics of working the video camera and putting together simple footage. In addition to their sports and interview films, they filmed the theater group’s production of A Comedia Carol earlier this week.

    “I’m learning how to work the video camera and put film together,” senior Jade Morales said. “The most interesting part is working on our interviews. We had to pick historical characters, so my group picked Adam and Eve. It’s pretty hilarious.”