Math students compete in San Antonio


April Martinez

Senior Jose Sanchez and Junior Bailey Chase made their way to San Antonio during Spring Break for a State Texas Math and Science Coaches Association (TMSCA) competition. Both participated in Number Sense and Mathematics.

“It was a good experience because the competition was amazing and literally anywhere you went you would find people practicing,” Chase said. “It also helps prepare you for district because it introduces you to new types of problems on the test.”

Sanchez placed second in Number Sense and fourth in Math; Chase was 11th in Number Sense and ninth in Math. Together, they placed 6th in Number Sense and 11th in Math. Overall, they earned 12th in the team category.

“The competition was a little more aggressive this time,” Sanchez said. “Although I didn’t receive the scores I would’ve liked, I still worked hard and I’m grateful with the results.”