Spotlight: Aleida Gonzalez


April Martinez

Despite being only a freshman, freshman Aleida Gonzalez´s skill on the basketball court should not be underestimated. Gonzalez´s aggressiveness comes as no surprise as her competitive side is seen in most activities.

“I can easily describe her as tough, but chill,” freshman Johari Cruz said. “She’s really easy to talk to, but she can get really hostile when you start to mess with her.”

Gonzalez actively participates in basketball, FCCLA, band, and softball. She´s also taking Spanish, athletics, and Principles of Human Services as classes.

“I love being in all the clubs I´m in, but I tend to focus more on my athletic ability,” Gonzalez said. “I´m just more passionate about sports.”

Gonzalez has been playing basketball since a young age, and she says she’ll continue until high school comes to an end.

“Practices are long and exhausting,” Gonzalez said. “But I´m aware that it makes me a stronger player.”

Although she doesn´t see herself pursuing a career in basketball, Gonzalez plans on attending a junior college and becoming a beautician.

“Basketball is just a hobby but it contributes a lot to my life,” Gonzalez said. “I might not be doing basketball in the future, however, I´ll always be grateful for these past couples of years as a player.”