Spotlight: Andrea Daniel


April Martinez

¨Five minutes ´til curtain!¨

Junior Andrea Daniel makes final details on hair and makeup before putting on a show.

¨I act because it’s what I love to do, ¨ Daniel said. ¨Theatre is a place where you can be someone completely different and no one judges you for who you are.¨

Aside from acting, Daniel actively participates in cheer, dual credit classes and AP classes, softball, student council, NHS, and OAP as well as watching Netflix and hanging with friends.

¨I rarely have time to spare but it’s worth it,” Daniel said. “Although, I wish for more time with my friends.”

Daniel is described by friends as a happy person and friendly to anyone she meets. Although her plate is always fun, she manages to keep a smile on her face.

¨She´s super outgoing and smart,¨ junior Landon Folsom said. “Andrea’s committed to everything she’s involved in.¨

Despite having a passion for theater, Daniel plans on attending junior college and transferring to a university and becoming an occupational therapist.

¨I feel like therapy helps give people that hope that they´ll be able to walk again or be able to use their arm to its full strengths again,¨ Daniel said. ¨I´ve always wanted to help people in any way possible.”