Janie Wells: Mother To Be


Jordan Jenkins

She walks through the halls holding more than just textbooks for her next class. She holds an unborn life within her and her boyfriend holds her hand the whole way through it.

Senior Janie Wells, unique compared to the typical high school student, is a mother to be. Wells first discovered that she would be bringing a life into this world this summer.

“When I first found out I was scared to tell my mom, but I knew it had to be done,” Wells said. “Of course, she was mad in the beginning and had a lot to say; however, she eventually came to be at ease with the situation.”

Wells’ due date is set for February 10. She plans to name her son Carter Greg Brown.

“It took Shawn and me a while to find a name,” Wells said. “We were finally able to agree on “Carter Greg” because it had a nice ring to it.”

She, Shawn and both of their families have all started prepping for the birth of baby Carter. Wells got a job to help with some of the expenses.

“We’ve spent so much money trying to get ready for when Carter gets here,” Wells said. “I got a job so that my mother would not have to pay for everything herself. I couldn’t live with myself if I let her do that.”

Wells plans to attend Blinn after high school. She will continue to work while she goes to school.

“I know it’s going to be hard trying to raise a child, go to school and still work all at the same time,” Wells said. “I’m more than ready to take on the challenge. I want nothing but the best from my baby boy.”