Student Spotlight: Tristan Best


Yomele Almeida

While sophomore Tristan Best stays focused on his classes, he still finds time for what he’s most passionate about: fishing.

“On the weekends I like to crow and squirrel hunt, fish, and play PS4,” Best said. “I prefer fishing on the weekends the most.”

To Best, fishing is like his safe haven.

“I’m passionate about it because to me there’s not a greater feeling than hooking into a nice fish,” Best said. “When I fish no one bothers me; it takes my mind off things, and I can relax.”

Best says he will never forget where the best place to fish is or what his best catches have been.

“I’ve caught a 20 pound shovel head shark and a 17 inch trout,” Best said. “The best place I’ve fished at is Baffin Bay near Corpus Christi.”

Best does work hard at school and is active in multiple organizations and baseball, but it’s not what he enjoys most.

“I play baseball, and I like it because I get to be with my friends,” Best said. “Fishing, though, is what I’m most passionate about.”