This album will Trap your Soul


Josalyn Taylor

If you’re having one of those nights where you want to relax and get you in the feels, TRAP SOUL is the album for you. Bryson Tiller released his first album last year 2015 at the age of 22, and the album includes honest R&B slow jams and hard hitting Hip Hop songs.

Tiller seriously began his music career with a standout song ‘Don’t’ in 2014. The song is very personal to his relationship to his girlfriend. He wrote it to be the type of guy he currently wasn’t. All of the songs Tiller writes are from experience; he says that writing without having anything to say or any inspiration is hard for him.

Tiller says that he gave up making music for two years after he found out about his girlfriend and future fiance was pregnant. He worked two jobs and slept in his car for the two years that he was trying to support his daughter. Once his daughter was born, Tiller’s mentality shifted and drove him to commit to music full-time.

His main wish is for people to feel what he is saying in his music. He wants people to be inspired to make music or just to make a life change. In this case, listeners definitely will be inspired.