Clowns create havoc


Colby Menefee

Buffalo became the latest in a wave of schools targeted by ‘Clown threats’ when an Instagram account under the username localclownsnearyou began following student’s accounts and posting threats.

The paranoia surrounding this account creates a dangerous situation.

A Dallas area teen was arrested yesterday for threats under a clown alias. Another teen in Pennsylvania was stabbed to death while wearing a clown mask. Teens posing as clowns create a hazard for themselves as well as others.

Copperas Cove high school was placed on lock-down Wednesday when students reported seeing a clown. This delayed the entire school day and interrupted class time. Investigating the threats made by clown accounts wastes school and police resources. Tracking accounts and securing schools against potential threats takes time and money.

Some feel that these teens are just having fun. Having fun should not involve alarming students about their safety in school.

Those creating these fake threats should realize both the issues they are creating and the danger they are placing themselves in. These clown impostors are problematic and need to be stopped.