Big Brother: expect the unexpected


Megan Wedhorn

Big Brother is a very popular seasonal reality/competition television show. The first episode of the first season premiered on CBS on July 5, 2000. After the first season received negative ratings, the next season added more competitions. The show has continued to be a hit for CBS.

Big Brother is a reality show, where 14-16 people are chosen from different states to live together in a house and compete for the grand prize of half a million dollars. Big Brother is hosted by Julie Chen; she has been the shows host since the show first started. The selected contestants, also know as “House Guests,” all live together in giant house known as the Big Brother House. Inside the Big Brother House, the house guests live isolated from the outside world, and they are under surveillance 24/7. Each week the house guests compete in two different competitions: the Head of Household competition and the Veto competition. Whoever wins the Head of Household competition is not only safe for the week, but gets to select two other house guests to put up for eviction. Whoever wins the Veto competition gets to use the power of veto to either save his or herself, someone else on the block, or to leave the nominations the same.

Each week one of the two nominees are evicted from the Big Brother House. House guests always need to expect the unexpected, because Big Brother always has twists. The show just wrapped up its eighteenth season a few weeks ago. I was happy that Nicole Franzel won this season, but I was a little upset when my favorite contestant James Huling got voted out at the very last eviction. I can’t wait until season 19 begins.

Big Brother was previously only on during the summer, but this year Big Brother has decided to try something called Big Brother Over The Top. It is Big Brother, but on during the fall. Instead of being shown on television, it is only shown online.

If you are interested in watching Big Brother season 19, you can catch it in the summer of 2017. You can watch past episodes on CBS All Access. If you are interested in watching Big Brother Over the Top, you can watch it online from CBS All Access.