Student council hosts bake sale for Campos family


Lilah Adams

When word reached the high school that student Anthony Campos’s father had been burned badly when there was an explosion in the family’s home, student council students wanted to do something to help. Last Friday night at the football game, the group hosted a bake sale, with proceeds going to the family. In the end, faculty and other student groups contributed to the event, and $1,000 was raised.

“I think the bake sale was a success,” sophomore Kayleigh Rhodes said. “We sold a lot of goods. We were able to help out the Campos family a lot.”

People around the high school made cupcakes, cookies, cakes and other treats to donate to the bake sale, including multiple donations baked by Wendy Neyland’s FCS classes.

“When we heard about the bake sale we wanted to help out,” Neyland said. “I got some of my classes to make different goodies for the sale. People said they really enjoyed what the students made.”

During the game, many of the Belles and band members helped sell items by hitting the stands.

“I wanted to help them sell more,” sophomore Yomele Almeida said. “I knew it was all for a good cause and it felt great to walk around and ask people if they wanted to donate.”

As people passed the bake sale table, some donated without getting a treat.

“I really loved what they were doing for the family,” teacher Martha Zimmerman said. “I personally do not know the family, but I really loved that they were helping them out.”